Hare Krishna Movement, Guwahati MOU Signing with Airport Authority of India to support “Pure for Cure”- A Satvik Food Distribution

On 27thSeptember, 2019, Guwahati:His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srile Prabhupada Founder Acharya of Worldwide Hare Krishna Movement has given us direction that “No one should go to hungry up to 10 km radius of our temples.”To fulfill the mission of our spiritual master we were searching for such locations across city where the food is required for needy then we realized and immediately launched a program called “Pure for Cure” in which we serve hot and nutritious meal to the underprivileged families across the city. Meal is prepared with full cleanliness and in a complete hygienic way and it is sanctified food. The food is served in vessels which retains the temperature of the food till 6 hours. We serve this food in government Govt. hospitals, schools, orphanage, disabled home and old age home, besides railway tracks and slums and many more such locations of the city where people live in adverse situation. Today we are signing MOU with the Airport Authority of India to distribute 2 days in week 2 hospitals meals for next one year. B. Baruah Cancer institute, and Mahindra Mohan Choudhury hospitals.

Sri Jaanrdhana Dasa, Temple president of Hare Krishna Movement, Guwahatiheartily appreciated the Sri Sanjeev Jindal, Regional Executive Director of Airport Authority of India and his team for supporting our cause to fight against hunger and volunteering to serve meals at both the hospitals on both days.



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